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´╗┐Railcrew Express Ripping off employees Yep; here I sit gettting into my applicaton for a driver. As usual I go and check out things on ripoff report and google; and woah; I have learned that anyone who moves to Florida is a suspect. I trie to sue someone there once and the ignorant sheriffs of Broward County said they couldn't find me I was the plaintiff; so I figure if it comes from Flordia the deal is taintedtainted cheap Oilers jerseys free shipping from the start, especially considering the type of information they are asking you to submit, like they need to get my credit report for me to drive a vehicle. Thanks for the heads up! THE RAIL CREW EXPRESS COMPANY IS A NO GOOD LYING PUNK INFESTED RIP OFF COMPANY. THREE MANAGERS HERE IN TEXAS NAME SHAWN JOHNSON, NORI, AND DAN BROWN SET ME UP FOR THE LAST TIME THIS MORNING AND I TOLD THEM THEY WERE NO GOOD LYING PIECES OFOF wholesale Oilers jerseys SHIT AND GARBAGE AND THEY FIRED ME :0). THIS COMPANY IS NOTHING BUT A WORTHLESS RIPPOFF , LYING TRASH. Discontent wrote: Massive hiring campaign to replace unpaid employees. Watch out!! You will notice that pile of shit , lying defaming, racketeering garbage OSHA is advertised right on the piece of shit Jobvent website. These racketeering sissy government lawyers, union friends and corporate lawyer friends erased all my posts like dirty filthy, cowardly insane schizo sissy pieces of shit :0). On one such commet a racketeering slanderer named "Pam" states that 'the definition of insanity" is when someone tries to do the same thing over and over without success ?? Okay dirty paralegal, lawyer, government ass/idiot, two faced pile of shit (whatever type of senseless hypocrite you are :0)) what about you and the government insanely and senselessly denying petitions, briefs and TWC appeals over and over then insanely attempting to place me on mental disability over and over ?? I have proof of your racketeering OSHA documents insanely attempting to putput cheap Oilers jerseys free shipping me on disability through the TWC for Durril Properties et al since 2006 and just recently a failed entrappment at Oleander Point CC TX (June 2008 after windsurfing) using a failure gay , insane government witness using a knife on me ?? Now I have proof again of insane lawyer/government racketeering mental disability documents again sent to me just last month by the Nueces County prosecuters Office again making me into the scapegoat for all of your insanity. See here INSANE bitch lawyer/paralegal and or government trash on Jobvent you continue to fail over and over with your own trash racketeering activity, you are complete failures :0) Tell this to the lazy fat ass insane OSHA shit here in CC TX, Tampa FL and Washington DC. All of yopu insane pathetic racketeering failures are listed on my Supreme Court petition sent out this year, you are insane failures now get it through your evil racketeering insane dirty minds :0) Here in Wyoming they are hiring any one that can pass a drug test. I worked there for two days and that was enough every thing they told me at the job fair was lies. I asked about over time and they told me that theythey cheap Oilers jerseys from china did pay over time (cool) NOT! RCX did not tell me that they don't pay time and a half. There add in the paper had paidpaid Oilers new jerseys 2014 holidays (I found out there was not going to be any holidays at all) Was going to fore on three off (Nope this turned out to be seven on and maybe one or two off) They told us that we could pick what shift (I soon found out ALL new employees start on night shifts for an undetermined time) Was told that it was twelve hour shift but we would get thirteen and one half hours ( Nope only twelve hours but by the time we would get shut down and home it was fifteen) All said and done I wasted two days of my time working for these jokers DO NOT HIRE ON WITH THESE PEOPLE Not only were there continous pay errors and snafus, safety was a joke. Mainetenace is a complete joke. They do not care what condition the vehilces are in and thhe crap vans are falling apart. We had one vehilce with a bent and broken axle they were still signing out and making drivers drive, until finally the rail crews and one conductor threw a huge bitch about it. Made them deadline it. The company is run slip shod with poor leadership and no conernc for the needs or safety of the employees at all. DO not work for this company! I have driven for another company for a long time and the hours where just as long . but never once had i ever been shorted on a check.
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