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´╗┐How to Make marshmallow fondant icing Getting into cake decorating? Fondant icingicing wholesale Lightning jerseys is a must to make cake toppers and other intricate cake decoration. In this two part video tutorial, learn how to make fondant marshmallow fondant icing in the comfort of your own home. To make 3 pounds of icing you will need the following ingredients: This is a video explaining how to make marshmallow fondant. It is a text based video with a picture slide show and music playing in the background. It begins by explaining what ingredients you need. The process involves a lot of stirring and re heating in the microwave. Finally, you will add icing sugar and knead the mixture. She explains how to store the fondant in the refrigerator. She also goes into detail about how to prepare the fondant for when you going to use it after it been stored. At last, the fondant is ready to be rolled and applied to the cake. 1. Grease the bowl with Crisco or other shortening to prevent having a mess to clean up. 2. Pour a one pound package of marshmallows, regular or mini, into the bowl. 3. Place the bowl into the microwave and melt marshmallows into a runny consistency. 4. Starting with 2 lbs of powdered sugar, add sugar and knead until you achieve a pliable consistency. 5. Add Crisco or other shortening to the mixture to prevent cracking. Continue to knead to desired consistency. View our other the learning video to make fondant icing. Amber takes you through making a Marshmallow Fondant using Crisco, powdered sugar, mini marshmallows, a spoon or spatula, water, plastic cling wrap, a mixing bowl, and a microwave. These step by step instructions are simple to follow, and because of the ingredients, it is inexpensive toto Lightning jerseys china make. Amber recommends this fondant over store bought because the marshmallows make it taste better. The fondant has to refrigerate overnight in the plastic cling wrap. The recipe makes enough fondant to cover 2 small cakes. Looking to make your next cake stand out? How about giving it that extra "umph" with a unique cake decoration topper? In this three part video tutorial, learn how to make an adorable angel cake topper out of fondant icing. Get step by step instructions on how to take pieces of molded frosting and turn them into this perfect professional looking cake accesory. Part 1 of 3 How to Make an angel out of fondant icing. Part 2 of 3 How to Make an angel out of fondant icing. Part 3 of 3 How to Make an angel out of fondant icing. So, Dad Birthday is coming up and you want to make him aa cheap Lightning jerseys free shipping specialized cake. "What are his interests?" you askask cheap Lightning jerseys yourself. Watching football, baseball, Wheel of Fortune? Do all his hobbies include a sofa and a television perhaps? Then why not make him a cute living room cake! Blow your pops away with a personalized cake! In this two part video tutorial, learn how to make an adorable sofa chair out of gumpaste or fondant icing. Learn step by step how to put this impressive cake decoration together. Part 1 of 2 How to Make a fondant icing or gumpaste sofa chair. In order to make a Weight Bench Cake, you will need the following: rice krispy treats, fondant, weights, a weight bench, butter cream icing, sheet cakes, weights, and plywood. In advance, you will either need to prepare or purchase Rice Krispy treats and 2 1/2 sheet, sheet cakes. You will also need to prepare a lot of butter cream icing. Spread fondant over a plumbing pipe. Allow it to dry for 5 days. Airbrush it and the weights. Cover the rice krispy treats with fondant. Then, after they are dry, cover them with icing. Cover sheetcakes with fondant. Place them on the base. Airbrush them. In order to make Shooting Stars for Cakes made from Fondant Icing, you will need the following ingredients and supplies: fondant cookie cutters, wire cutters, gumpaste, a pastry brush, icing spatula, glue (or gumpaste with water), a paint brush, a fondant rolling pin, powdered sugar, floral wire, and aa Lightning jerseys cheap cookie sheet lined with wax paper.
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