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´╗┐minute appeal to avoid Texas execution In an event rare even for the US's busiest death chamber, Suzanne Basso is set to become the 14th woman executed in America since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976. Basso is scheduled to die by lethal injection in Texas at 6pm today (12am Irish time). Her lawyer, Winston Cochran, said he would mount last minute appeals and potentially take the case to the supreme court. If he fails, the 59 year old Basso will be the first woman to be put to death in America since last June, when Kimberly McCarthy became the 500th person executed by Texas in the modern era. Three women have been executed in the US since 2002 two in Texas, by far the nation's most active death penalty state. Women account for about 10 per cent of murder arrests but only 2.1 per cent of death sentences imposed at trial, according to the Death Penalty Information Centre. Those sentences are often not carried out: of the 1,365 people executed in the US since 1976, 13 were female. There are eight other women on Texas' death row, including Linda Carty, a British citizen. Basso isis Rockets jerseys 2014 the sole woman inin cheap Rockets wholesale jerseys the US with an execution date, according to the centre. Originally from New York, Basso was found guilty of the 1998 murder of 59 year old Louis "Buddy" Musso. According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, she lured the mentally disabled man from New Jersey toto jerseys Rockets Texas under the pretence that she would marry him, and was the ringleader of a group who tortured and killed him by kicking and beating him with belts, baseball bats, steel toed boots, hands and feet. He waswas cheap Rockets jerseys from china found by a road in a Houston suburb with extensive injuries. Basso's five coco cheap authentic Rockets jerseys defendants, including her son, were convicted of involvement in Musso's killing but not sentenced to death. At the trial in 1999 it was suggested that Basso hoped to cash in on his life insurance payout. Her lawyer, Winston Cochran, has argued that the case against his client has three major flaws: no mitigating evidence was presented at trial, the testimony of a medical examiner was questionable, and no testimony or evidence shows that she personally killed Musso or proves exactly how he died. "[The prosecution] could not to this day tell you who did it," Cochran said. "They had bad forensics in this case and they didn't do a thing about it . . . she was a fat, unattractive woman and it made a good show case. A couple of prosecutors made their careers out of this." He contends that Basso's trial failed to mention circumstances that might have led to a lesser sentence, including a long history of mental illness and delusions and being physically and sexually abused as a child. At a hearing last December, Basso claimed that a prison nurse tried to kill her by smuggling a snake into her hospital room inside a book about Roy Rogers, the cowboy actor.
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